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Abby Travels Gives Back...

Abby Travels has adopted a small village school in Ghana and has provided laptops and school supplies to help foster the educational growth of the children.

Travelers are free to make a donation.

Ask me how you can help...


Gift of Technology...

Abby Travels has donated computers to help support the technological growth of the students, and give them the resources to advance their education.


Gift of Joy...

When a child has the resources to meet their needs they are much happier and able to focus on their studies. By contributing to a child's education you are helping to change their lives.


Gift of School Supplies...

Abby Travelers have donated school supplies to provide the necessary resources for those students in need, and to ensure all students have the resources to perform in school.

Support Quinsbel Royals Educational Complex

Donations can be made payable to Abby Travels, LLC or by using Zelle: 678.480.3232. Please mail checks to Abby Travels at the following address, and feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.
Toni Abernathy, Owner
PO Box 6492, Arlington, VA 22206 USA
P: 678.480.3232

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