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Why Ghana?

For anyone interested in visiting the Motherland for the first time, returning in search of a refreshing alternative beyond safaris, or  simply want to connect with  their African roots, here’s a perfect opportunity to see it for yourself. Ghana stands out as a preferred tourist destination in West Africa because of its unique offering – a combination of natural beauty and scenery with a fascinating history and time-honored traditions in art and culture. Ghana is truly a microcosmic taste of Africa.

​For many who have traced their family roots to West Africa, it’s an opportunity to see, feel, taste, and fully experience your ancestry.  Even if you have no ancestral connection, visiting the new Modern Ghana will change the outdated and erroneous perceptions many have about traveling to Africa.

​The "You're GHANA Love it!" tour will pique your curiosities of the Motherland.  We'll delve into Ghana's history of independence, explore first-hand the devastation of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, and experience the New Ghana.  You'll be able to see and shop in open-air markets full of vibrant colors, fabrics, beads, wood carvings, native foods, and so much more.  We will travel to see the vast landscapes of the country, from the Shai Hills to the beaches and villages.  You will touch, taste, and hear it all on this trip. 


.... and Why Not?

See it for Yourself

To allow for a more intimate and authentic experience, our travel groups are small, from as few as 5 to a maximum of 15.  Solo travelers are welcome.  And, traveling together with family and friends will also make your experience unforgettable.  For groups 10 or more, contact Abby Travels for details.

As your personal escort I, along with our Ghanaian-based travel aide, will be delighted to introduce you to a glimpse of West Africa... a true cultural experience.  We will work hard to make your trip memorable, safe and trouble-free.   

Everyone should visit Africa at least once!

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