Tour Reviews

Lauren Y.

Sept. 2016

I'm not sure where to start. I would consider myself an avid traveler and have been to several countries, but my tour with Abby Travels was......

Keith J.

March 2018

My trip to Ghana with Abby Travels in 2018 was one of the best experiences of my life. Toni Abernathy, owner and travel coordinator......

Sheila C.

March 2019

What an experience / adventure....still in awe!! My Ghana experience was far more than I could have....                   

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March 2018 I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Ghana.  This being my first trip to Africa I felt somewhat overwhelmed; but after consulting with Toni/Abby Travels I knew I would have a great trip.  Thanks to Toni for planning and organizing everything from the beginning stage to the final day of our trip.  Our group of six stayed in an affordable comfortable hotel with a restaurant that served delicious Ghanaian meals.  Toni produced an itinerary that had the perfect mix or culture and history tours, exploring nature, strolling along the sunny beaches and the adventure of shopping in the many open markets. 

Arriving in Ghana Toni’s Ghanaian Travel assistant Francis made us feel very welcome and provided a wealth of information during our tours.  Each day we traveled in a nice air-conditioned van with a well experienced driver.  Traveling around Ghana I felt spiritually connected to people and places.

Take a trip to Ghana and travel with Toni/Abby Travels.  It’s true!  You’re Ghana Love It!!!

Deborah M.

Minnesota  2018

“Listen! I'll be the first to say I had a problem deciding if a trip to GHANA was for me. The requirements like vaccination/medication, passport,  Visa application, etc., etc. was overwhelming.  Not to mention the negativity received from family and friends whom had never been outside of Texas. I would like to thank "Abby Travels" for standing true to every words, information, brochures and briefings prior to my visit. My most memorable moment was waking up in a beautiful hotel resort on a sunny Sunday morning starting with a full Buffet Breakfast and cruising down the river with close friends. The scariest moment was the canopy walkway. Overall, the entire visit was beautiful, educational, inspiring and had I missed this opportunity I would have regretted it forever."


Yvonne S.

Texas  2019

"The trip was a wonderful historical learning experience for me. It filled in a lot of gaps. I learned some very Important History and it was pointed out by our guide that he thought I might have originated from Togo. Ironically, this showed up in my DNA report. There were parts that I would have liked to have spent more time but overall the trip was Excellent. I wholly recommend anyone interested in their history, take this. I also think the trip could be a couple of days longer because there is soooo much to take in. Again, Great Trip!!!!"

John C.

Georgia  2019

"My experience can be summed as absolutely awesome and amazing. We experienced Ghana first class beginning with shopping at the Market followed by great meals,outstanding tours,and interacting within the culture. There were so many favorites I can’t pick a favorite, but I developed a soft spot for the people living on Umbrella mountain and the children living within. I am definitely planning on another trip. There is sooo much to see and explore like nothing you have ever experienced before. Imagine stepping into Slave River where your ancestors took their Last Bath before being led out of the door of No Return on to the Slave Ship."

Evelyn M.

Colorado  2019

I recently travelled to Ghana (Sep 2019) with Abby Travels (Toni Abernathy). My trip was enlightening, educational, emotional and rewarding.

I am an international traveler. Being prior service military and stationed all over the United States from coast to coast, Europe and SE Asia, I must admit that Toni is absolutely one of the best tour organizers I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with.

Even with a full and expansive itinerary that covered a vast swath of Ghana, and a close up look on the local’s way of life, Toni was open to making changes as we requested them. She made everything look easy and handled herself with poise and class.

The food was good and the accommodations were comfortable.

The time that I spent in Ghana has left an indelible imprint on my mind. I hope to repeat that experience and more sometime in the near future. I definitely recommend Toni’s travel services to anyone looking for an enjoyable and memorable tour.

PS: Her Ghana team Francis and Daniel were just amazing!!!


Pam S.

Florida  2019